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Building a Leading SajiloKitab Course

Perfection is what we seek

People often say that nobody is perfect. In world’s eye we are nobody. That means we are perfect. The perfect people create perfect things…

  • In order to provide students with best knowledge enhancement and skill development platform instructor should provide good course content.
  • In order to sell more and earn more instructor should create a complete course that fulfills the needs of students.

How much you sell your course and how much you earn by selling courses completely depends upon the quality of your course. The content you provide your student decides your success as an instructor. Here is a quick checklist for you to create a perfect course.

1. Complete knowledge about course matter

If you want to teach something, it is must to know every aspects of the subject matter. When you know better you teach better.

2. Teaching technique

Teaching technique plays a major role in learning process. Knowing the subject matter doesn’t always mean you can teach it. It is often seen that people with gold medals can’t make other understand their point of view.

3. Define target audience(student)

After you complete the previous steps, now define who will be purchasing your course. It is essential to know who is going to consume a product before you make it. Defining the target will help streamline the designing process.

4. Develop the course

This is the most crucial phase of instructing in SajiloKitab. In order to teach all kind of students, include videos, photos, examples, motivation and more. This will help students understand and adapt the subject matter in depth.

5. Post publication phase

Reaching to the peak isn’t success, but sustaining there is. That’s why maintaining course quality is more essential than creating one. Update course contents time to time and provide quality response to your students to maintain course supremacy over time.

6. Other…

Creating course consumes time, hard work, patience, and a lot more sacrifice. In order to get return on what you give, you have to pay close attention to student’s review, feedback, promotion, sales strategy, public relation, course content reliability, authenticity, and much more things.